Electronic guage

I saw it once before but I cant find it now but does anyone know what they call that electronic guage that plugs into your ODB II computer connector and gives you read outs such as fuel economy and so forth. I thought the name was something like Smart guage III but in doing searches for it under this name nothing comes up that is even remotely close.

Might that not be “carchip”? Look at www.carchip.com.

No, its not a chip or a programmer. It is basicly used when your vehicle does not come with the fuel economy readouts that a lot of newer vehicles have. It allows you to track up to 12 different guages I believe.

Found it. Someone on another forum jogged my memory and it is called scanguage II. It monitors several different guages electroniclly. http://www.scangauge.com/

That is a pretty neat device. The perfect stocking stuffer for the car geek in the family.