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The All New ScanGaugeII With XGauge

I drive a 2008 Honda Accord LX and wanted to know if this (All New ScanGaugeII With XGauge) is worth buying for $160 to track MPG’s? Please let me know. Thanks!

No such product (needed). Besides, calculators are cheaper.

unless that gauge is calculating to the one hundred thousandth place, it isn’t worth it. go buy a cheapo calculator and do your own math. Much cheaper and much easier

I personally have not used the ScanGauge but I have a brother in law who used it on his Yaris. He thought highly of the information provided. It basically provided instanteous information about fuel consumption as well as trip economy, ongoing economy, and per tank economy. It is a great tool to explore the various tricks for gaining fuel mileage. It is a good training tool for economic driving. My only concern is that it requires attention of the driver that should be directed to driving duties. Once you have the economy tricks ingrained, you probably don’t need the ScanGauge other than checking up on your performance.

I wonder if the store selling you the ScanGauge would be willing to let you test drive it i.e. with a security deposit or offer of refund. My understanding is that the unit just needs to be plugged into the diagnostic access plug to the ECM inside the car. I am not sure if it needs external power (most scan tools don’t).

If you do use the ScanGauge, post back you experience and the procedure to installing it.


Not unless you’re going to hypermile.

Why spend $160 to track to the Nth degree what you can track perfectly well with the odometer already provided if you’re not going to take specific exceptional action based on the data?