Fuel and repairs

Any time I fill up with gasoline my 2006 chevrolet cobalt won’t start right away until I press the gas pedal .

Is the check engine light on? what happens if you don’t press the throttle? does it start eventually? Does this go away after you use up some gas?

If I don’t press the throttle down it only cranks but won’t turn over at all. Yes there is a check engine light on. As soon as it starts it act’s like its going to die after a while the car will run normal

Until you have the car’s OBD system scanned for stored trouble codes, nobody can give you an accurate diagnosis. And, depending on how long the Check Engine Light has been lit-up, there could be a number of stored trouble codes.

If you go to Autozone, Advance Auto, or (possibly) Napa, you can get a free print-out of the trouble codes that are present, and then you can come back here to report them.

Just out of curiosity…How many miles are on the odometer, and has the car been maintained at least as well as GM specifies in the maintenance schedule?

I will go to autozone and have them run the test.

If I don’t press the throttle down it only cranks but won’t turn over at all.
cranking IS turning over?

Get a printout, write down the results, or take a picture of the screens if your phone has a camera. The last time I did this, I took photos since they didn’t have a printer anymore.

Cranking is turning over. The engine is doing that.

Starting and running? Not unless pushing the gas pedal.

Okay. Didn’t know that

Well if I don’t press the throttle down it won’t start up

I didn’t know that. I’m trying to get it to autozone so they can run codes on it but not having much luck because I’m on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy

Are you shutting off the engine when filling? If not, I hear that can confuse the EVAP system.

If you have to press the gas pedal for it to start, that implies the engine is flooded. Could be a leaking injector. May not be a serious problem as long as you know how to get it started, and it runs OK after that.

Priority 1 is bed rest. Best wishes to you. Let someone else deal with the car, as long as they know how to start it.

The problem might be with the purge valve in the EVAP system.

The computer controls the purge valve so the gas vapors in the carbon canister can be drawn into the engine to be burned. But this is usually done during a cold start when the engine requires a rich air/fuel mixture.

If the purge valve is stuck open, gas vapors are forced into engine when refueling. These gas vapors along with the fuel the injectors are adding while trying to start the engine results in a flooded condition.

When you step on the accelerator when starting the engine, you’re telling the computer that the engine is in flooded mode. The computer then cuts the pulse signals to the injectors in half, and the engine starts.



Thank you. Yes I’m shutting the car when I fill up with gasoline.