Electronic crap (check engine)

2011 Honda CRV. Put in a new air filter. Due to cramped quarters, had to disconnect a wire (coupling) to lid of air filter housing, remove hose clamp to remove housing so I could put in filter. Engine off, etc. Put it all back. Started up, now I have a check engine light (picture of engine plus vehicle stabilization alert). Will all this go away after a few restarts or does it have to be actively cleared? What kind of chimpanzees could design such a thing?

PS: yes, everything is reconnected as it was.

What’s the error code?

Something is not connected or attached or plugged in the way it should be. You could have one of the free code scan monkeys tell you what the fault code is and that should point you in the right direction.

Yup, start with the error code. Post it here and we’ll argue about it… I mean we’ll help you.

My 99 GM had an air temp sensor on filter box. I guess 99 was a long time ago. Prehistoric?

Nope. Normal.

Could also just be one of those things that happen… a pure coincidence. Life likes to mess with all of us that way.

But besides the electrical connector, check all the surrounding vacuum and other hoses–some manufacturers disable the stability control if the “EVAP” system isn’t working right. Also make sure the air filter housing is sealed properly.

Let’s start with a code. At least that will give us a starting point.

First thing I would do is to unplug what ever you unplugged in the first place and check for a bent pin. Then get the code read if no bent pins.

Also check that you put the new filter element in the correct orientation and that the filter housing closed down correctly.

OK: Today I had to go out so I thought I’d have the code read.
Well, the check engine light were gone.
What I thought: triggered just by having unplugged that sensor, and they erased
themselves after a few starts plugged back in.
What I thought could be…see OP.