Electronic bircuit board replacement for Nissan Micra


My Nissan (5 years, old style) broke down shortly after it was serviced and I was told it needed a new ECB. Was this just bad luck and does anyone know if the problem is likely to happen again i.e. if this is a common problem.


Since this is a US-based board, and since the Nissan Micra is not marketed in the US, it is not likely that many people who frequent this site will know whether this is a common problem with that model. If you are lucky, someone else in Europe or the UK who owns a Micra will come to this site, but generally speaking, they are not frequent visitors.


Parts should be replaced only after adequate troubleshooting, NOT from a symptom, or a set of symptoms. Symptom based parts replacement is a poor quality mechanic’s attempt at vehicle repair (and, it’s very expensive time-wise, and money-wise).


After answering the other Micra post, it’s beginning to look like it…