Electronic beep

I get one beep every few minutes while operating my 1997 Lumina. All warning lights are off, and the car runs well. I recently had a new radiator installed. Could that be it?

Could be. If there’s air trapped in the cooling system it could make a noise when it reaches the heater core. Much like how a teapot whistles when steam passes through the spout.

Take it back to whoever replaced the radiator, and have them purge the cooling system of air by doing this. With the engine hot and idling, slightly loosen the upper radiator hose clamp. Take a flat bladed screwdriver and slip it between the upper radiator hose and the hose neck on the radiator. Let the engine idle until all the air is purged from the cooling system. Retighten the hose clamp.


If you have an overhead display something may be going on with it.

Dont know about your Chebby, but on some Fords a beep is a backup for a burned out warning light.

Turn the key one click & make sure all the warning lights especially the air bag light comes on.