Electrical/Warning Lights Issues

Hi all,

Hope you are all fine and you and yours have had a relaxing holiday period, and now fully geared up for 2018!

On Saturday morning I started my car, it stuttered unusually, but started okay. However, the ABS, Spark Plug (glow) lights/indicator and parking brake indicator stayed on. I panicked, then turned off the ignition. I turned ignition back on, and all seemed okay. I drove off.

A couple of miles into my journey, my car stereo tripped off, then came back on within a couple of seconds on its own. When it came back on, the ESP (Electronic Stability Program) indicator came on and stayed on. I panicked again, got to a safe place, stopped, turned off the engine. I turned it back on, and all seemed okay again. I continued my journey.

A few minutes in again, the glow indicator, ABS and ESP came on. At this stage, I became very concerned, but didn’t think the car would stop me on the road. I got to my destination, had a lot of fun, watched the Chelsea vs Norwich disappointing match, then headed back home. Car seemed okay all through the journey home.

Car was not driven on Sunday. Monday, i started the car, similar episodes to Saturday’s, with different light/indicator combinations coming on, till i got to work. Tuesday through to this morning, similar occurrences. In addition to the above, i now notice a slight flicker from my headlights.

I am now at work, unsettled because this is driving me nuts.

Anyone had similar experiences in the past or have an idea of what I could be facing? It is a June 2010 Santa FE, UK model.

Thanks all.

I’d start by checking for stored codes.

Also, is this the original battery? If so, this could be a sign that it’s dying, so a battery and charging system test would also be a good idea.


I agree with @lion9car and would have the battery checked.

I’ve seen many odd things happen when a battery is starting to give up on you.
I even ran into one that the door locks would lock and unlock every minute or so.



Many thanks lion9car, this is noted for discussion with my service garage.

Many thanks Yosemite for your contribution. I will do this.

And also double check that the battery cables are nice and tight on the battery posts.

When the alternator is beginning to fail, the voltage ripples that are produced can lead to all manner of weird–but transitory–electrical problems. So, in addition to the battery and battery cables, I would strongly suggest that you have your mechanic check the alternator output.

Many thanks VDC driver and Shadow, noted, and i shall report back on findings on Saturday. On the way back from work just now i had to turn off the car stereo since it became ‘unlistenable’ due to cutting off every couple of minutes :frowning_face:

… more evidence of a failing alternator which is producing voltage ripples.

This must be a diesel if it has glow plugs, I don’t think we can get a diesel Santa Fe here. Diesel is more expensive than gasoline here so not a lot of demand. Also our Winter temps are much colder in the North and diesels are harder to start in real cold.

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I also came to that conclusion, but that doesn’t alter the probability of a dying alternator.

If you have a volt meter, the battery should measure appx 12.5 volts before starting a cold engine, then 13.5-15 volts immediately after starting the engine. After cleaning and tightening the battery terminals, that’s a good check to start with.

Thanks George, Old timer and VDC (again), yes, though diesel is more expensive than gasoline here, we have diesel cars, and yes, this is diesel.

I have taken note of all these comments, and i shall discuss all these (assuming my mechanic is clueless of them) and report back tomorrow evening (UK time :slight_smile: ).

Thanks all, getting ready to go to work now and already panicking about today’s experience :frowning:

Per above discussion trail, I was at the garage on Saturday, and 2 checks were carried out - battery check which turned out okay, then the alternator check. The lad went straight to the alternator without cleaning battery terminals and connections per suggestions above because he felt that the flicker from the headlights, the back number plate lights and the on/off of the car stereo were a result of power surge, which can only point to the alternator. He checked this and the voltage fluctuation was very erratic with a very wide range from around 6v to (i think) 14v. He diagnosed a failing alternator to be the problem.

2 choices were available via their go-to parts supplier (Eurocarparts), Denso (@£614) and Bosch (@£930). Obviously i am a bit broke after the holiday period, he saw the look on my face, so he decided to make a few calls to other suppliers. He ended up getting one @£360. I have accepted that one to be fitted tomorrow afternoon, so I will work half-day tomorrow to allow me time to pop in to the garage. Other cheaper options were available via Ebay, but we all know how that most often than not turns out.

What do you guys think? Especially about the diagnosis methodology? I think it was reasonable myself.

Thanks all for your input, considering i am a freshman on this particular Car Community.

Have a splendid day all.