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Electrical problems

My friend has a 2004 Dodge Durango. The battery died so he changed it without incident. Since then however none of his domelights work, the transfer case neutral switch is always illuminated even though it is not in neutral, his heated seat indicator lights are on all the time whether the seats are actually turned on or not, and the blower is now working for about 5 minutes and then shuts off for awhile and then starts again. None of these things were happening until he changed the battery and he says that he never hooked up the battery backwards.

You might want to read this about what can happen when a battery is disconnected from todays vehicles. Some of the modules that control systems can lose there memory and may require re-pinging in order to get that system to function properly again. And in some cases the module requires replacement.


thanks for the reply. That sounds like something the dealer would have to do. I have never heard of this happening before. They should put warning labels on the cars if that is the case. thanks

Your friend needs to get his charging system checked. Make sure the battery voltage is correct and ripple free.

I will look into that today or tomorrow. Thank you for the help

“And in some cases the module requires replacement”.

Thank heavens I won’t ever be in the market for a giant SUV houseboat loaded with electronic doo-dads.

This is way after the fact now but what seems to have happened is that the sunroof drain plugged up and so directed water underneath the vehicle right onto some type of computer module circuit board and so every time it would rain it would get wet and short. He did not find out until after he traded it in and the guy explained what was happening. My friend felt bad but had no idea of the problem. I think it was a pretty expensive repair. Hopefully this will help someone else.