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Bad computer module after shop visit

I recently had my vehicle in for 150,000 mile service. While doing the trans flush,the trucks battery died and had to be charged by the shop to continue. This was done with the battery still hooked to the vehicle cables rather than disconnected. When I picked the truck up, I noticed on the way home that the intermittant settings on the wipers and the headlights and dash lights did not work. I took it back to the shop and it was found that the “Central Timer Module” was bad and had to be replaced at a cost of$564.15. Is it possible that this module could have been faulted by the way they charged my battery, or is it just a coincidence?

There is nothing wrong with charging a battery with the cables still connected.

Now if they accidently connected the charger cable backwards, that could have caused the module failure.

Did you smell a five day old dead fish in the shop? Cause I can smell it from here.
These guys effed up, and are not admitting it, and passing the cost on to you.

I believe they fried your module. It only takes a split second mistake like connecting the charger cables backward to do this.

Thanks for all your replies. I too believe the shop caused this as it was a rainy day when I dropped my truck off and the wipers and lights were working at that time. However, proving it is thier fault is another issue. I do however expect them to cover the cost of having my keyless entry fob re-programed to the new module. They told me they did not have the equipment to do this and I would have to take the truck to the dealer. The dealer charges $40 for this service.

The module is 8yrs old/150k miles.

Google this and you are not alone in the failure…

Yes the shop could have done it but also it seems like a known failure…

Here’s what it says when disconnecting or if the battey goes dead for your vehicle.

CAUTION: When the battery is disconnected or goes dead, the vehicles computer/modules may lose memory data. This can result in driveablity problems or malfunctioning of some the vehicles electrical control systems.

When the battery on some vehicles is disconnected or goes dead, some of the modules go to sleep and never wake back up. I believe this is what happened in your case.

You can read what can happen when disconnecting or if a battery goes dead here.