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Electrical problems with a 1996 Olds Aurora

Have random problem with my Aurora. Have 60,000 miles on the car… great car, by the way (not making them anymore- joke)…

My problem - the headlight toggle switches on the dashboard radomly begin to ‘crackle’ and the headlights flicker - day or night, running or engine off. In fact, when I turn the engine off the problem continues for quite some time. Have not run down the battery but am concerned. Should I have this looked at? Is it a major problem? Why does it go away and stay away for almost one year only to start up again?


Even if this does tend to disappear at times, this is still not something that you can ignore, as it could cause an electrical fire in the car–even when the engine is shut off. Until you get the switch replaced, DO NOT park this car in your garage!

Check your connections on your headligh switch—where it crackles!
But, pull one battery connection, before you start, since you are dealing with a 30 amp circuit—and could cause a fire, under the dash!

Loose connections move with any car vibrations.

It may sound strange but get your nose close to the switch and give it a smell,if you can detect a burned plastic kind of smell the situation requires immediate attention.