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Electrical problems=Jetta

I have been having electrical issues with my 2001 manual transmission Jetta. At times I turn the car off, remove the key and the radio stays on, trip mileage and clock will reset.

I also had where I was at a stopped at a traffic light and the ABS, engine light, and another light (not sure which one, it was too fast)

flashed on for half a second.

What should be looked at first and possible changed?

What should be looked at first is TSB’s. TSB 01-01 would be a good place to start (you will find it under cluster TSB’s).

What does TSB stand for? Or just suggest that to the mechanic I take it to?

TSBs are technical service bulletins and are published for known design or problems on vehicles.

Look for problem with the memory power circuit to the areas you mentioned. It could be just a blown fuse or faulty connection in the panel under the hood. Some radios will stay on after the ignition is turned off but usually turn off after some time. The time out timer may not working correctly if that is the case.

While I agree with oldschool, I also recall that VWs have traditionally kept power flowing to the radio when the ignition is turned off. Why VW wires their audio systems in this manner, I do not know, but I do know that a prime cause of dead batteries in VWs has always been this “ignition off/radio energized” situation.

That being said, the other symptoms that you describe are not normal, but historically, this model is prone to all manner of bizarre electrical/electronic gremlins. I think that your best bet is to seek out an independent VW specialist in your area. More than likely, he has already dealt with scores of Jettas with similar types of electrical/electronic gremlins.

I do mean that there is a TSB about the symptons you describe and how they are dealt with.

I guess that is why it is TSB 01-01!
These problems probably began cropping up very soon after that model hit the market.

Do you have an aftermarket radio? Here’s a good article about how VW routes their info through the radio, hope it helps!

Let me see if I copied that number correctly,01-01 is pretty coincidential. OK it is really 90-01-01 and it tells you to check terminal tension and crimping quality before replacing the cluster. I can remember Rabbits from the late 70’s with electrical system issues. It is sad that this situation has continued for so long. It was probably the fault of an employee that could not be fired or reassigned for some reason. That is my theory,it is all on the back of one man:)

They don’t have to be about car problems. Some of them might mention a new tool coming out or even a quicker way to change something out.

Thanks for the responses.
I will give this TSB information to the mechanic. Hopefully he will be able to look further into it. I also saw some TSB re: ignition coils. Could this a possibility?
The key is COMPLETELY removed and the radio stays on. In order to get the radio to turn off, I have to start the car again. If I try turning off the radio with the button, it turns back on (with the key out) Freaked me out the first time it happened. This is not normal for my Jetta. Possibly in others, but not mine. The radio is original to the car.
I had the radio issue and resetting of the clock and trip mileage a few months ago, 3 or 4 times, then it stopped. It started again the other day. I am the original owner, and there are 116 thousand miles on the car. Just within this year, are there electrical issues like this with the car.
Of course there have been the other recalls and the sunroof drain problem. Just received more forms to fill out again for the sunroof problem.
Thanks again for the helpful replies.

There is a power circuit for the trip and radio memory that is seperate from the normal power to the radio. You stated that the memory is intermittent so there may be a bad connection somewhere between the fuse power under the hood and those areas. The problem with the radio turning on may be with the radio itself. If you need a special radio you may be able to find some used ones on Ebay for a good price.