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Electrical problem

Working on a 92 Dodge 3/4 ton truck. Someone hooked up the heater blower to the positive side of the coil. Now no start, no power to the + side of the coil. I’m in the process of getting a wire diagram. Any ideas? Oh there is some thing on a heavy positive wire that says Motorola and load on the battery side. Looks like a fuse holder. Only thing, no fuse in it. I’m confused !!

I would guess the trouble is due to either a blown fuse or fusible link. The Motorola fuse holder was most likely installed for a mobile radio that was being used in the truck at some point in time and isn’t needed now.

Very good !! I followed this Motorola fuse holder and it was exactly as you said. This truck was a municipal vehicle at one time and I’m sure it had a 2-way radil. I got the wiring diagram and am working on it right now. So far, no luck. I am thinking fusable link.
Thanks for the reply.

Autozone has some wiring diagrams for your truck. Hope this helps.

Ed B.