'94 Toyota will not start - New battery

Suddenly woould not start. “Jumped” it and then got New Interstate Battery. Sat for 4 days then after driving 5 miles, would not start after sitting for 3 hours. Dash lights, clock and radio all work and did not de-program or STOP. Jumped again, started and sat again for 3-4 days, then started, drove 2 miles then after sitting for an hour, would not start again. Alternator & startr both TESTED OK! What can this problem be?

What exactly happened when it would not start. You have described a big gray area so far.

It could be bad/loose battery cables and clamps.
Your description leaves out too much to be able to provide much help.

NOTHING! no noise…could NOT move shift lever to get it out of PARK. Today it made a CLICK only. Starts when it is Jumped and will run until the next time it sits awhile…baffling?

How was the alternator tested?
What is the battery condition when it won’t start?
Does it always start if it sits for less than a day?
Does the starter ever sound weak when trying to start it?

Once you check all the connections, I bet it’s the starter, the contacts in the starter solenoid in particular. Toyota starters are known to wear out these contacts and exhibit the exact symptoms you describe. You can either put in a new (rebuilt) starter (quick), or have your mechanic replace the contacts (all 3, the two side ones and the center disk), which is cheaper but takes more time.

A click when you try to start it rules out the neutral safety switch. I would clean the battery terminals and the inside of the cable clamps. Clean the connection where the battery ground cable attaches to the car and bend both battery cables feeling for stiffness, rustling, or crackling that would indicate a bad or corroded cable.

The next time it won’t start take your jumper cables and clamp the black one on the negative post of the battery, making sure that one jaw of the clamp is engaging the post and not the battery clamp. Clamp the other end of the black cable to ground on the engine block or head. If it stats now, the problem is on the ground side,

Thank you…will do!!! Hope something works as I’m not feeling too secure in driving the car the way it is!

I really don’t know what else I can add? It was FINE up to a week ago. Then I got stranded, jumped it then drove directly to the garage where they tested the Battery, Alternator and starter. The battery was saying NG so I bought a NEW Interstate battery. Started the car, drove home and it sat for 2-3 days. I then started it and drove to schools (5 miles?) whne I came out after 3 hours the same exact thing happened again so I now am not sure the battery was the problem?! Jumped it again…brought it back to the garage, they kept it for 2 daays and couldn’t get it to NOT START so we took it back home. Again it sat for 2-3 days and started right up this morning, drove 2 miles and came out after an hour and it would NOT start again? We have tried all the cables,etc. everything seems fine! I’m afraid to trust it!

When it does not start…Does IT TURN OVER? Do you hear the engine being turned by the starter or do you hear NOTHING when you say it will not start. This is a profoundly important question

Ah I see…no start meaning not crank over or no turn over. YOu are describing a dead battery. You got a new battery but how are the batt terminals? If they are diry or corroded then your new batt stands little to NO CHANCE of living under the hood. If you have dirty batt terminals you will not properly be charging your new batt. Look at the terminals and determine if they look dirty. They should have bee meticulously cleaned and greased at the time of the new batt installation. CHECK THEM IMMEDIATELY. CLean them for the hell of it…grease the terminals and the batt posts and get it running by a batt charger or a jump…and see what happens. if the terminals were dirty it prevented your alternator from charging your new batt.

If you want to get more brave…after you have the car running after a jump start and clean terminals you can pull the positive batt terminal off while it is running and see if it remains running…if it does your alternator is working fine. If it immediately dies, your alternator is not charging.

I bet you have dirty terminals…EVERYONE OVERLOOKS THIS…CLean terminals are a ABSOLUTE MUST! Give yournew battery a chance by cleaning the termials…they are the only way your batt can be charged by your alternator. Bet thats it…

Thank you!! Will try that!

Google ‘Toyota starter solenoid’, you’ll find a number of sites with step-by-step instructions. This exact thing happened to mine.

I wish you had a battery charger, or a 12V volt meter to measure the batt voltage. But if you dont. Hook your truck up to a running car or truck with cables. Then try to start it. If you still get just a click…then try this.

Keep on turning the key to try and start the truck…I mean rapidly…turn the key back to the spring loaded start position as fast as you can…click…click…click…as fast as possible. If all of a sudden it catches and turns your engine over…then you just proved the dirty solenoid contact theory perfectly. I have rebuilt probably close to 150 solenoids to date…the copper contacts erode…EVERYTIME…at just about the age of your starter. Look online for a Toyota solenoi rebuild kit and you will see a picture of the contacts I am referring to. I am EXTREMELY FAMILIAR with this issue. I also have many many people out the still going strongon their original Toyota Starter motors…they are near bulletproof. The weak link is the solenoid contact points…

You can only move to this after you have your battery and terminals clean and in good working order. If its not your battery and terms…I guarantee you that it is your starter SOLENOID NOT THE STARTER MOTOR. If you go to a auto parts store you will buy a lump of crap…compared to the OEM Toyota starter motor…TRUST ME

YES…Toyota STARTER SOLENOID CONTACT WEAR …IS A WELL KNOWN AND EXTREMELY WIDESPREAD ISSUE. I have done SOOOOOOOO many of these repairs and it works like a charm.

I couldnt just jump to the solenoid issue without beating you over the head about clean terminals first…Sorry.

This is one of the reasons that I love Both HONDA and TOYOTA Starters…They are made by the same mfg. They are also TIP TOP Quality. Usually made by Denso I believe. After you clear up your terminal condition…te very next and FINAL step is t go to the solenoid. SHame you dont live near me…The solenoid contact rebuild will save you MANY HUNDREDS o DOLLAHS without question.

where are you??? I’m in SW Florida

I’m freezing my Ass off in the Northeast…Suburbs of Philadelphia. LOL.

OH!! Sorry, it was 80 here today! Wish you were here!

THANK YOU ALL for your help!!! I have researched and found the parts for the Starter repair. They are on the way! Once we get this back together, I expect it will run beautifully!!! I really appreciate all the help!!
Now, I also have a problem with the window on the drivers side…New Motor and it worked for a little while but now will not go up once it is “down”? Any ideas??