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Fuel pump

1998 chevy sub c/k 5.7 SFI fuel pump short out; on relay black/white wire burn at the conection on the relay. i know it has a short but were to start. this has been the 3rd pump help.$$$$$$ i?m broke.

Has the fuel filter been changed?
Have you checked the current draw on the fuel pump?
Are you absolutely sure all of these pumps are bad?

A burnt or poor connection at any point can cause a pump to refuse to operate and it may even be erratic in nature.

Pardon the questions; just looking for a bit more to go on.

Offhand, a short (if it exists) should not take a pump out.

yes fuel pump been change 5 times with new ones.

Maybe the short is in the wiring TO the pump…Or in the relay with the burn marks…

thanks i?ll follow the wiring.