Electrical problem in 05 honda Civic



When I tried to start car (already warm) the needles jumped a few lights went on and then it died. When I turned on the directionals, the radio went on. Towed to an electrical shop and they said it had to do with the security system. (Anti theft) I don’t have/use anti theft, I simply use the key to lock it. Right now car is at the dealer, awaiting triage. Any ideas on what really went wrong?


Your car has numerous antitheft systems even if you are not aware of them. They can sometimes go haywire and cause all sorts of problems for the owner. However, the important point is that your car is under warranty. The dealer is required to fix it for free. Even so, he will do this only if your remind him this is warranty work. If you failed to so at the outset, do so NOW. Otherwise you will be charged mucho dinero. Don’t forget to give him your towing receipt for further reimbursement.