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2005 cavalier will not start

2005 Cavalier, 2.2l ecotec, 90,000km.

So, I recently gave a neighbor a jump start, only he was loaded and connected the positive to the negative terminal & vice versa. The car will not start now. I have replaced the ECM, the ignition unit, coils, crank position sensor, and reset the gm passlock antitheft stuff. Still no start. The vehicle is getting fuel and cranks over no problem. Any ideas?


My guess is the security system.

How about spark? Anytime this “bad” jumpstart occurs it can cause untold damage to a vehicles electrical system. Although you made a good start on parts replacement there could still be other problems. You may have to get a professional mechanic to take a look at your vehicle. Possibilities are almost endless considering what happened.

vehicle is getting no spark.

If your car gets no spark, Then your ignition coil could have been fried because of the “bad” jump. Also it could be your ignition module.

No matter what you know it has to be something with your ignition.

Unless its still your ANTI-THEFT. That stops any spark so the car won’t start.

could this be the fusible link on the ignition, and if so, where can i locate it?