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Electrical Issues

My Freestar has had repeated and various electrical issues since purchasing it used in '05. They majically disappear whenever we take it to a mechanic. Most recently, they’ve caused the transmission to stick in first and a diagnostic machine to read “all kinds of crazy codes.” Closer inspection and a 20 mile road test have revealed nothing. Any ideas? suggestions? Should I just scrap the thing and start over? Help!

When lots of things intermittently go haywire one of the first things to suspect is a bad ground connection somewhere. You need a good, local, independent shop. Preferably one that specializes in electrical systems. You need to make note of any and all weird things that have happened and somebody needs to get a good wiring diagram to find all of the related ground connections, check them, clean/repair, etc.

There are certainly other possibilities, but all sorts of crazy things get done to cars for want of a reliable ground connection.

I am guessing it is still under warranty.  Keep all records.  read the lemon law information for where you live.

Lemon Laws:

Just keep after them and run it up the line as you can.

Another possibility is a bad alternator allowing the voltage to drop intermittently. The control modules in this truck will go haywire if the system voltage drops below 12V. You may want to carry a voltmeter or multimeter with you to let you know if this is the issue when it acts up.

“Purchased used in '05.” Why do you keep advising lemon law claims when it obviously does not apply?

Thanks for the great suggestion. The mechanic suggested letting them keep it for a couple of days and run a diagnostic hot and cold. So I’ll call tomorrow and pass this on. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ll pass this on as well and if they still can’t find anything pick up a voltmeter myself to check things out whenever it acts up again with me. thanks!