Electrical issues with 2010 Grand Marquis

The following have stopped working (at the same time if I remember correctly): power door locks, power mirrors, power trunk release and rear defroster. We are also getting a tire pressure fault warning when the tire pressure is ok. As far as other items located on the drivers door, the power seat adjustment and power windows are still working. I checked every fuse in the interior box and the the rely ant fuses unde the hood. I exchanged the big, square, grey fuse for the rear defroster with the one for the starter and still no luck with that issue.

I meant to say “relevant fuses under the hood”

From afar, my best guess is that your Body Control Module is defective.

I can’t find anything called a body control module. Is there another name for it on a 2010?

Unless you have access to a capable scan tool and wiring diagrams, I think the next step is to take it to a shop that has those and can diagnose your problem for you.

There appear to be two 7.5 amp fuses, f2 and f9, in the central junction box involved with the power door locks. I’d start there, make sure those fuses are ok. there’s something called a “drivers door module” involved with that function too. Fuse f8 in the battery junction box is the circuit that powers that, so make sure that fuse is working too. I don’t see a reference to a body control module, but besides the the door module, there’s a lighting control module too. The lcm looks to be just above the driver’s left knee, and the dm looks like it is inside the driver’s door panel.