Electrical/Fuse problem?

I purchased this jeep several months ago and never used the 6 disc cd changer in the rear until recently. Right after I used it I started having all of these issues. All of my power windows stopped working along with the remote on the back of the steering wheel, the indicator light for the high beams, the overhead temp gauge for the outside temp, the inside lights when door opens and the flash of the outside lights when you lock your car remotely. I don’t want to bring it to the dealer but my local garage has no idea. Any suggestions?

You’re symptoms are just very unlikely. The use of a cd changer, even if it was miswired, should result in nothing more than one blown 10A fuse.

Check the fuses in the dash for a blown one.

Take out the fuse for the radio and/or cd changer and see if you still have the problem. please post you if you do this and say what happens. Thanks

So I had difficulties yesterday starting my car so I took it to the local auto part store and sure enough my battery was bad. When they installed a new one everything started working again! Bizzare!