2002 Chev S10 V6 Electrical Problem

I have a 2002 Chev S10 V6 that was recently in a fender bender accident. There was no structural damage and the front grill, hood, bumper cover and lights were replaced. The side fenders were repaired and repainted. The following day after coming out of the shop, the engine light came on. We have a code reader and 4 codes came up relating to transmission and torque converter. The light came back on. It is now in the shop with multiple codes relating to nearly every system. The speedometer and fuel gauge are also not working. Mechanic has inspected some wiring and tried replacing the engine module, all to no avail. The truck will not fire up anymore. The suspect cause is a pinched wire somewhere. Any ideas where that may be or what could be causing this?

Something like this is going to require some serious, patient, hands-on diagnosis. If you’ve got a mechanic who is hemming and hawing on this, and haphazardly replacing parts, you need to find a different mechanic.

It definitely sounds like a bad connection, a short to ground, or a broken wire. Finding it will probably take a while, but some methodical testing and tracking will be necessary.