Electric windows malfunctioning

is it possible for the average handyman to fix malfunctioning electric windows ? they go down and won’t go back up. also, they just do not respond at all.only the driver side works, but even that is starting to make clunking noise. it’s a 2001 150000 miles plus. i was told it could be the main switch on driver side.

Since the windows can go down then the trouble is most likely with the switches UP positions. Dirty contacts are a common problem. You can take them apart and clean them but you have to be careful with as they are spring loaded. If you work on them I suggest you take them apart in a clear plastic bag in case things fly apart.

You’d be surprised at how much a new one would cost. Granted, your vehicle is a little newer than my dad’s '86 Olds wagon. I got tired of his touchy switches and bought him an brand new master switch. I think it was in the neighborhood of $30.00.

I seriously would try to clean it first, they make cleaners specific to this type of job. Also, it might be a good idea, unless a seasoned mech. advises otherwise, to use elec. lube like you would on coils, wires, and boots.

As far as the clunking, that’s not good. Does the window seem to hesitate with each clunk? I had a '91 Grand Am and even tho it was a crank window, it started clunking and pretty soon it did nothing. I think it was a plastic (?) belt drive. Anyway, yours is probably gear drive. If you feel so inclined, you can take the door panel off and re-attach the main switch and watch it as it goes up and down. Also, watch the track in runs in on the door, unless this subaru has no window frame to the door, just straight glass like a camaro, corvette, or the new mustangs, etc.

Good luck with all this. Let us know if you have more questions/troubles.