Electric window not working on 1987 GMC Sierra 2500

Any advice on how to find a mechanic that can do electrical work on an old truck? No GMC mechanic listed within 20 miles of my zip in Portland Oregon.

Any good shop can handle that. It is a simple problem and it doesn’t require any special troubleshooting to fix it.

Most any mechanic should be able to handle that one. It is likely the wires between the door and the door post.

I don’t know if the Mechanix files are still available with the recent changes in this site, but if they are there, you may find some recommendations for local mechanics.

Chevy dealers can fix any GMC truck if you prefer a dealer. GMC and Chevy trucks are almost identical.

The Mechanics Files can be accessed by clicking on the Car Talk sign at the top of this page. There, you will be able to type in your zip code for a shop near you. Any good shop can handle this repair easily, it doesn’t need to be a GMC shop.