Electric Vehicle

I don’t think you can get a Bolt in Singapore.

The V8 Challenger driver and myself probably had the same question on our minds couple months ago- “How is that little Chevy keeping up with me/them?”. I heard him downshift just as I let off the accelerator due to stopped traffic ahead in my lane and he used that opportunity to go around me and get into my lane.

Pretty good trick considering the Bolt has a single speed transmission.


You beat me to it!


Is it Porsche that has outward directed speakers for motor sounds to impress bystanders? It’s not for the mindless sheep/millennial buyers. It for the drooling spectators.

I think it’s because various regulations now require all EVs to make noise at low speed.

I think he was talking about the Challenger driver downshifting.

I reiterate my desire to have that noise be customizable. Cue B1 Afterburner wav file…


I prefer the old radials

Doesn’t matter if you can’t charge it from home.

He was the one driving the Challenger, I was driving my Bolt


Not being able to charge at home would cause some anxiety however;

There is a free charging station 1/2 mile from my place of employment.

The motorcycle dealer in the next parking lot has installed a charging station, I don’t know if it is reserved for motorcycles.

A co-worker charges her Prius Prime in the parking lot at work, I don’t know if the owner know that he is paying for the electricity.

Near my place of employment BMW, Nissan and Volkswagen have pay charging stations.

If it’s like where I work charging a few EV’s in the parking lot is such a small portion of the power bill. We have 2 outlets to plug in EV’s near the building located at the base of a light pole since it was the only spot close to a couple parking spots that would work. Of course now there’s newer and faster chargers just up the street.

I work with a guy who owns a plug-in Prius. He lives in a condo and can’t charge at home. However he can easily charge it work.

And for the people that don’t have any of charging…then don’t buy a plug-in. That still leaves the an extremely large portion of the population that can benefit from a plug-in.

Every mode of transport sucks and we all do it. Below is my story.

When I transferred to cal for the final 2 years of the 5 years dual degree program, I moved back in with my parents, near San Francisco. Every morning, I drove about 20 minutes to the subway station and so did the grownups with their business suits. I had to park at the subway station before 7, even if my first class was in the afternoon, before the multi-story parking lot was filled. To stay on topic, the only spots that were still available had those ev1 charge paddles

The subway ride took about an about hour, during which I either catch some zzz or study for a mid term. Either way, I was seating on those crud trapping cloth seats that no one ever wipe down and stepping on that moldy carpet. Riding under the cesspool that they call mission street (not all of mission, but mission and 16th), it can smell really foul.

Parking on campus is not an option. Even department chairs have to hunt for parking after paying for it… One Nobel laureate was elated about finally having a parking space when he found out he’s been awarded the prize. Besides, getting stuck on the freeway driving through downtown SF and the bay bridge sucked. The lanes are narrow and you have no where else to go if anything happened on the bridge or at either ends. The only good thing about that is your car wouldn’t smell like the subway. Btw, an ev1 might make the round trip of 70 miles

Why did I put up with all that? To save myself from the headache of renting, not taking the chance of living with people who you might not get along, and that home cook meal. Besides, I couldn’t complain too much when I was offered the opportunity to study at Cal.

I now take the bus to work in the morning to avoid getting soak in sweat then walk home at night to avoid getting infected in a tightly packed bus

I love company/job but despise location. You go thru hell to get there. Do you spend all weekend/off time dreading return? So, 40 yrs of hell and retire to rural, safe, clean area and contemplate life?

Today, yes, but if they plan on getting rid of ICE by 2035, then those places will pretty much be forced to install chargers for their tenants.

Maybe. There’s already technology in the works of charging newer Electric vehicles in less then 10 minutes. So gas stations will then turn into charging stations.

In my area there are apartments with charging stations, I suspect that in California where electric vehicles are more common, charging stations are more available.

There are places in the country that are underserved with respect to charging stations, this would be due to the low volume of electric vehicles. The private sector has been installing charging stations where needed, Washington will be installing them everywhere and the tax payers will be paying for this.

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Some parts of the country only have charging stations right off the interstate, more for EV’s traveling through. Including one in where my grandfather grew up in eastern Colorado with a handful of Electrify America chargers at the diner right off I-70

On the other side of the coin, where electrics are gaining popularity more charging stations are being installed. In northern VA lots of malls and shopping centers have them, some shopping districts do, Loudoun One to name one. In Vienna a WAWA was even built that has no gas pumps but about a dozen charging stations. So my thinking is wherever the demand is they will eventually appear.