Electric supercharger

i got a electric supercharger on ebay

and the add said it wood give me more HP

and more mpg and i got all that

BUT!!! if you have it turned on when you

are idling the tries to die

is it the air senser or is it to much air

Maybe it is suffering from too much “wood”.


Seriously, though–Didn’t the documentation for this device come with a telephone number for customer support/technical assistance? If I were you, I would try contacting the manufacturer for some guidance regarding this problem. And, remember that you can’t necessarily trust every claim that is stated in an ad.

More power and more MPG you say? giggle. How much did you pay for this device more giggling? Have you done any dyno pulls to see how much power you are getting from this glorifed box fan? I really hope this a joke topic.

I guess that the OP really did believe the “add”, even though this device is more likely to subtract money from his wallet.

I would not suggest spending a great deal of time or money fine tuning the performance with an electric supercharger.

Your time would be better spent taking a class in physics, and running the numbers to see if there is any chance that your car could produce enough electricity to power an air pump big enough to have any impact on your maximum horsepower. If you run the numbers for that little fan you put on there, you will realize that the only effects it has are to screw up your idle control and to actually choke down air flow at high RPM, giving you LESS power.

Of course, this could be a slightly devious advertisement for those worthless things…