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Electric supercharger

when my car idling and i turn on the

supercharger starts to die

They don’t work.

yeah they do
{JaSpEr RACE boy}

that wasn’t my qwestion anyway
{JaSpEr RACE boy}

Would somebody mind explaining to me just exactly what this post is about?

this is it

and they do work

“and they do work”

Then why does your engine die when you switch the device on?

  1. Show me the data, independent data.
  2. How can it work if it kills something?

Electric supercharger can be a scam or produce results, depends on the power of the electric motor.

What kind of car, model, and engine, where in the air intake system is it installed, and what was modified for the installation.

Being a squarrel cage blower, I can’t imagine it would draw enough current to have an effect (what’s the amps rating?), but I suspect it would overwhelm the ability of the injectors to keep up with the airflow…perhaps even drive the MAF sensor beyond its range…perhaps draw all the heat out of a hot wire MAF sensor. Just guessing. Was the chip reprogrammed to compensate for the mass of added air?

Here’s a review of someone who actually tried one of these electric superchargers. And he’s right! That little fan spinning at 3,000 RPM’s isn’t going produce enough static pressure to force air into the engine. And the engine is pulling in more CFM of air than that little fan can produce when the throttle is open. But the reason why the engine wants to stall at idle when you turn this device on is, it’s adding what little air it can produce into the engine causing a leaning out of the fuel mixture at idle.


Good link! Just think about it - any mechanical supercharger on an engine uses up a few (sometimes many) horsepower. One HP is about 750 watts, so the eRam in the link (at 840 watts) is slightly over 1 hp. Those vent fan blowers, at, say 70 watts, are about 0.1 hp, not enough to do much of anything. And if a $60 add on was so great, why wouldn’t the carmakers use it? Not rocket science here…

This is the first I’ve ever heard of these things. Sounds like we may have another scam here.

That order by GM for heater blower motors must have gotten cancelled…

1st off willie they do work
its most likly the O2 senser
{JaStEr RACE boy}
P.S. you can deside if it works look at my teillight

for 28 bucks what do you have to lose
but the fact that you are wroug
{JaSpEr RACE boy}

hey buddy 1st off engines are big vaccum
when it suck its only geting what it can suck in
but if your blowing when its sucking it will take pressure off
supercharger so babycakes it dont mater if tis 70 watts or not
its there to asist the motor not sobstaine DER da DEr
{JaSpEr RACE boy}

2% rule!