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Electric problem, Lexis IS250 F sport 2015 fob buttons problem

My Lexus IS250 fob buttons are not working, but when pressing them red light appears, do you know how to fix it? it’s connected to car electricity.

Have you replaced the fob battery?

hmm no, but keyless is working nice :confused:

More power is required to unlock the doors with the remote then to start the car. It could still be the battery.

A new fob battery is a cheap fix if it works. If not, we you are only out a few bucks, and it would need replacement eventually anyway. I don’t know how long Lexus fob batteries last.

The instructions to replace the battery are in the Owners Manual in your glove box. It’s quite easy.

I bought a new battery and changed it, but the problem still exists :frowning:

Does the car sound a tone when you press the unlock button?

no nothing happens

The car came with 2 fobs originally. Do you have the other one? If it doesn’t work with both fobs, then the problem is in the car. If it’s in the car, you probably need a shop to fix it.

No I have only one fob, what problem may be from in car (door sensors and start/stop are working nice)?

This is not likely a do it yourself fix. A Lexus dealer will be your best bet to get this solved and it won’t be cheap . At the same time you might as well get another FOB.

So you think it’s fob problem and not a car?

You could try buying a second fob. It can be programmed by the dealer or a locksmith. Just any locksmith won’t cut it. He has to be registered with the state, at least where I live.

You said you only have one FOB , that is why you should get another while you are having this problem fixed . I suspect you are not in the United States . If another country that makes a little difficult to make good suggestions. I think the receiver in the vehicle is the problem .

Yeah, I bought a car from the USA and brought to Armenia with one fob :frowning:, is fob button receiver different from the keyless receiver?

I guess you are saying you can start the car but the FOB will not unlock the doors . Yes , they are two separate things and it still will take a shop to solve this . Since this was a US vehicle it makes it all the possible that a dealer is your only source of actual help.

Okay, thanks a lot I will talk with dealer and will write here update,

After reregistering FOB all started working, thanks to all :slight_smile:

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