Electric Power Steering Problem

2nd owner. 61,000 miles. Just out of warranty. EPS light comes on and steering wheel locks. After a quick review online, this is a common problem. It is a serious safety issue and should be recalled but I don’t see that it is. The dealer says I need a new steering column for about $1500. Shouldn’t Hyundai be responsible for this? Has Hyundai paid for any of these repairs outside of warranty?

Did the dealer explain why the steering column has to be replaced, and not just the steering wheel angle sensor?


They said the computer code said it was a sensor inside the steering column and it had to be replaced as a complete steering column

They’re lying.


Sounds like a torque sensor failure, I would trust the diagnostic test procedure in this case.

Can you please explain? Do you think the computer code and diagnosis was correct?

What diagnostic codes were retrieved?

What year is your Sonata?
An example: https://testing-public.carmd.com/Tsb/Download/113525/5003303

I don’t know the actual code. The car is a 2017.