Electric car observations

I’m not sure where you get your figures, but a Tesla Model Standard range is $40 K, a dual motor (AWD) long range is 50K and a performance is 57K. And NJ does not collect sales tax on EVs.

I heard that about Porsche’s and BMW’s too!

I probably live near you as there I think there only 4 Tesla dealers in NJ. I see a lot of them in the areas I drive and sometimes I’m surprised there are so many. On a local bike ride I do I pass at least 4 houses with Model 3s and this is not a ritzy neighborhood, but is probably middle to upper-middle class. I have not tried to find out how many are in NJ but there probably is a public number.

Very few people keep their vehicles over 10 years weather it has an ICE or Hybrid or fully electric.

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That’s for a model 3, not an S.

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You are correct; I left out the “3” as my typing sometimes does not correlate directly with my thinking! Sorry.

Watch some dash-cam videos on YouTube. Every one submitted by someone who owns a Tesla begins, “I caught this (fill in whatever story you want here) while driving my Tesla…”

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I live in the SF Bay Area, heart of Silicon Valley. My husband worked for a big software company before retiring. When Teslas were more pricey, whenever anyone made VP-level, they went out and bought a Tesla (used to be a BMW or other expensive Euro car). A couple of years later, whenever anyone was promoted to director (mgr to director to sr director to VP to sr VP…), that person bought a Tesla. It has become a rite of promotion among the techies to buy a Tesla, and there are a lot of techies in Seattle area. It is not about the cost of electricity. We have most expensive rates in the country. Right now, lowest usage tier, peak times, 42 cents a kilowatt/hr; cheapest time of day, like 2am, is 23 cents. (Note, although my husband was a software architect, on par with VP, he drove and still drives a 2004 Toyota Tundra. Does woodworking for fun, needs it for getting lumber. Used to blow their minds. So funny.)

During that time period Tesla’s have made different and cheaper models. The Model S can be had for about $40,000. The first Tesla sold for over $100,000. But it was also the fastest 0-60 production car at the time.

The biggest thing to come out of the Tesla is that other companies are now building electric vehicles. It’s becoming a reality.

Must be different there in CA. I’m the chief Software Architect and director of software development for a small company that designs and builds technical solutions for telecom industry. I drive a 2014 Toyota Highlander. I usually keep my vehicles over 300k miles and I still do most maintenance myself. Many people here in NH and MA who work in tech are very practical car buyers and quite a few of us are car buffs. One of my engineers is part owner of a racing team.

Yes, it is very different in CA, especially Bay Area. Lots of status signalling. I frequently see Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and McLarens driving around town and on highway, or parked at the grocery store. But instead of wasting money on cars, we saved up, and now are retired and can enjoy our hobbies. I think we have the last laugh.

The popular car for my musician friends who.retired from professions other than music is the Toyota Prius.
As far as fuel consumption is concerned, I get better mileage going to gigs with my Sienna than we get if we go in the Priuses. "How can that be?, you ask. We, with our instruments, can all ride in the Sienna, but I don’t drive, we would have to take three Priuses.


I assume she has been duly disinherited.

Where’s the Caddy?

I gave it to a friend and fellow enthusiast.

LMAO. Same w/ Tesla.