Eldorado Trunk Opener


My trunk operer wasn’t pulling down the trunklid on occasion, but now it does not work at all. I took the assembly out and applied 12 Volts to the motor while on the bench and it wound the latch down. So I figured the motor works. so in might be a switch problem. I replaced the switch on the motor assembly and re installed it, but it made no differance. Does the switch that controls the trunk light have any thing to do with the problem? What else can I try to repair the problem?. For now I have a cord holding the lid down.


OK, so you know the latch motor will run out of the vehicle. The next test is to make sure that the vehicle is supplying 12 volts to the motor/switch assembly and that you have a good ground. The voltage supply, ground and switch operation are best tested with a voltage and resistance meter but those are pretty cheap for the type you need for this testing (~$15) and will come in handy more than you realize down the road. You could use a simple lamp tester if the VOM is out of the question.


Try to improve the ground. Any and every one including engine to body.


There was 12 Volts going between the first two terminal wires, so I took the motor apart and applied some non-runing grease to the bushings. I also cleaned the comutater and brushes. I re-assembled it making sure I had a good ground. I put it back in the trunk and now it’s working just fine. I’M not sure what the problem was and I’m holding my breath for now. Many thank’s for your advice, I found very helpfull!!