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EIV Energy Independent Vehicles

Should there be a classification for such a vehicle, and if so what would the requirements be, to be classified as a EIV.

I believe they are classified as bicycles.

(sorry - I just couldn’t resist)

I wish there was an energy independent bicycle. As far as I know, you have to pedal those - which is the part that gets me down.

Perhaps if you describe what you believe a EIV might be, it would help.

In your dreams. I’ll file this idea in the round file with ‘perpetual motion’.

As shown above, there is no such thing as an EIV. It takes energy to create motion. Even just walking or bicycling requires energy (calorie burn).

The Trans-Am in my neighbor’s back yard hasn’t used any energy in at least five or six years. Does it qualify?

Energy Independent. Meaning the energy the car uses is not from a imported energy source. Example being a CNG, or electric vehicle.

Shouldn’t that then more appropriately be called a “Domestic Energy Vehicle”? It is, after all, not independent of ALL energy.

Good Point

Slightly off topic, but has anyone noticed all the natural gas gassification platforms that have been built in the last decade? There are several off the east and west coasts and a half-dozen in the Gulf of Mexico, with several more on the drawing boards. They process the natural gas that we import from Africa and a few other offshore locations. It comes liquified in tankers, and the platform gassifies it and puts it into our gas pipeline grid. The quantity we import is growing every year.

Mr Pickens’s claims that this country has all the natural gas it needs, so we should power our cars with it, are BOGUS.