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Egr tube change?

chevy updated the egr on the 3.4 equinoxes and the exhaust tube is 1" longer than the original design. the tube is prone to cracking and they do not sell the tube alone or does the aftermarket. but they do sell the new longer tube which requires you to replace the egr also so they fit together. WHY do they sell a $24 long tube alone but not a short tube for ALL the folks who never upgraded the egr? egr/long tube is $135. long tube alone is $24. bleep GMEGV1116photo%20primary__ra_p

If I understand you correctly, they don’t sell the shorter tube because it is prone to cracking. It’s probably obsoleted and replaced by the longer tube/egr combination. As a manufacturer, it would be foolish to continue selling something that has a known defect when the upgraded replacement is available. Why would you not upgrade to eliminate the issue of it cracking? Yeah, it’s $100 more to do that but then the potential issue is eliminated…


the new tube is identical to old tube as in both have a bellows section on each end. it cracks at the bellows section and leaks. the new longer tube is identical to old tube except in length. they sell the new longer tube as a separate part. read that again. they sell a new longer tube? why? cuz it still cracks
i got a longer good tube from boneyard for $3. i took it home and realized i had the older short tube egr so it wont fit. suv at yard had new tube so it also had new egr. where in this scenario do i find out about the fact that there is old/new style and long/short tube?

Right, so why did they increase the length? I can only surmise that there was stress on the part due to the length so they made it longer to reduce stress. Apparently, the EGR valve was also changed to accommodate the length. They don’t just make it one inch longer for the fun of it…do you have proof that the new version also cracks?

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you can buy a tube/egr valve as a kit or buy the new tube alone. but not the old tube. is a 12" more prone to cracks vs a 13" tube? there were 3 noxes at boneyard. the tube was missing on 2 and the 1 i did grab was the longer version. which means it has the new egr valve