EGR system fault

I replaced the EGR unit and camshaft sensor

because these were the diagnostic problems.

However, the check engine light came right

back on. I removed the EGR and squirted cleaner down the hose, which did nothing.

The new readout: 1)blocked passage 2)failed

EGR valve 3)EGR solenoid faulty 4)EGR pressure sensor 5)EGR position sensor

How do I go about checking for these problems?


or a passenger car,or a FORD with a PFE sensor.?

let me get my crystal ball ooohhhhhhmmmm!


am I close?

My guess is a Citroen CV2

Have the EGR cleaned by a professional shop. I replaced the EGR valve on my 96’ Lumina and the CEL came on again. My mechanic cleaned the system and removed small chunks of carbon. It looked like pencil lead. Once he did that no more problems with the EGR. I can’t speak for the camshaft sensor.