EGR problem

I’ve got an '01 Ford Taurus. Engine light came on, so I got it scanned and they told me I had insufficient EGR flow. I figured my EGR valve was clogged, so I took that off, but it was nice and clean. Haynes manual says sensor should be between 1.5 and 2.5 volts and I was only getting 0.2 volts, so I replaced the sensor. Everything was fine. After a few cycles the check engine light went out.

A few days later, I’m off in the middle of nowhere and I can’t get the car started. As soon as the engine gets running, it stalls out. I got home by taking the vacuum hose off the EGR valve.

Now I don’t know what to do. The solenoid read 38 ohms, when it was supposed to be 20. But when the car was running fine and the check engine light was off, I figured that wasn’t a big problem.

Do you think I got a bad sensor? Should I try replacing that again? Should I replace the solenoid? Anybody have any other thoughts?

clean EGR?.



and no try a rear wiper motor,LMAO!

you have NO clue.

good reading though.

techs suck and need some training.

Yeah. The EGR valve was totally fine. It holds vacuum. It moves when I put the vacuum on it. The holes were clean. I didn’t have to scrape out gobs of greasy, sooty gunk. It seemed to be doing everything an EGR valve ought to.

Hook everything back up making sure all lines are in correct place, and then clear fault codes. In park EGR is inoperable, and there for there should be no vacuum going to the EGR valve. Report back with any new codes.

Its a 95% chance that insufficient EGR flow on a Taurus is a bad DPFE sensors. Techs don’t waste time trouble shouting this, and simply replace the part.

dont forget the rock hard hoses,that will usually fix the prob.

just a thought.

I hooked everything back up and the engine starts fine now that it’s cold. I confirmed that there is no vacuum going to the EGR valve. I don’t have a code reader, but there is no check engine light now.

2 trip code,itll be back.