Eco wine tours in Santa Cruz, Ca. mountains

Where is the fella that wants to convert a VW bus to do wine tours?

i heard that radio broadcast and was wondering if anyone actually had any ideas. sounds like an adventure

I heard that show. I first thought that one of those British double decker busses would be good for that, but he was only taking about a dozen passengers at a time. The bus would be too big for that.

try a ford econo line van( extended version diesel ) then convert it to bio diesel , you can get the oil from restaurants on your tour to power it. Mod it to your needs. Easy to service and strong, you need something that works and can be fixed quickly. Good luck
Andrew , Montreal ,Qu?bec

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Which just happens to be the guy you’re talking about. Now, since search works, maybe this crappy forum’s admins can make an edit feature, the cursor appear as I type this, be able to see the message I’m replying to, and allow users to be logged in all the time and not randomly get ‘kicked out.’ Oh well, 'tis but to dream, I guess.

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Hello, I suprised to to hear from every one about the eco- wine tours. What I am after is finding the guy w/ the fifty grand that wants to start a eco biz. I am based in Santa Cruz, and I know the wine tour/ limousine biz in and out, I just can’t get any capital, so, we could team up! I am running a MBZ 300sdl as my Bio-Limo-sedan and want to build a Bio-diesel electric plug-in w/ a retro-body limousine based on a Sprinter MZB.They are coming out w/a chassis I can build on this year that would be perfect.
Thanks for your input! Rafael.