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"Easy Steering Switch" - Need Help Identifying

I have a 1997 GMC Yukon. There have been issues with the truck’s steering; it has been jerky, and, a couple of times, it feels as if the wheels have locked. The truck was taken to a shop; they said the problem was an “easy steering switch”. Unfortunately, I have never heard of this part, the automotive parts shops have not of heard of it, and could not find any information on it the Internet. The shop is currently closed so we can not call and ask any more questions about the part.

Has anyone heard of this term, or have any idea to what it might refer to? The mechanic said it is located at the end of the steering column.


Never heard of it.

Find another shop.


I wonder if the word swap or replace should have been used instead of switch.

The steering wheel ,position sensor is located on the steering column, this is part of the electronic variable power steering system.


I assumed that they didn’t have these yet in 97. But this vehicle does and the symptoms are similar when they fail.

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