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Easy fix for a bad EGR valve?

2007 Chrysler Town & Country with 74K. The check engine light comes on and the parts store diagnostic says P0404, a clogged EGR valve. On my model, replacing the EGR valve involves taking out the alternator, which involves removing the passenger wheel. That’s beyond my skill set.

So, can I just replace the EGR tube and pour some Sea Foam motor treatment directly into the EGR? Would that hurt anything?

No, that won’t hurt anything but it probably will not do anything either…Might be worth a try…This is a repair that can be easily deferred until your next emissions test…it’s strictly an emissions issue…

If you are not experiencing any performance issues, then it is only an emissions issue. On my car, I was having stalling issues due to the EGR valve.

Thankfully, mine was very easy to remove, and I cleaned it with throttle body cleaner.