E3 spark plugs

This is not really a question, it’s a suggestion to those people who’ve installed the E3 “Diamond Fire” spark plugs for their better efficiency. In a newer, computer controlled engine you might want to disconnect the battery negative cable for about 15 minutes or so. This will reset the car’s computer an save you from performance headaches. I put these things in my 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport and it ran like crap-missing, stuttering on acceleration with a flashing “Check Engine” light. Post reset, vehicle runs and accelerates fine. Neuteral idle is about 200 rpm LOWER! (but smooth!)

I avoid that kind of problem by not installing these designer plugs in vehicles. The OEM type plugs work no better or no worse than these designer plugs. I have a 1958 issue of SPEED AGE magazine, and on the back cover is an ad for a “New Sparkplug Invention! Self-Cleaning, 21 Point, Nickel-Cadium Sparkplug! Tests prove: 10 Horsepower gain, 9 MPH Greater Speed, 15% fuel savings!”

Even back then, they didn’t improve anything!


I’m sure these plugs will work as well as the oem plugs…no better.

The simple fact of life is that spark plugs are as good as the can get. There is nothing left to be gained by replacing OEM spark plugs and many of the fancy designer plugs then to be of low quality and reliability. Stick with the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Just use what the owner’s manuals says to use and stay away for the SCAMS.

I really don’t know anyone who knows anything about cars that would even consider using these things. Spark plugs is NOT rocket science. A good OEM plug is as good as it gets.

The e3 plugs are reminiscent of the ?tornado fuel saver? that I?ve seen countless websites and their members bash. I bought one of the tornadoes. Later on, I started having problems with my air flow sensor on the car I was driving. I took the tornado out thinking it may be the problem, but it didn?t fix it. I took it to my mechanic who told me that my air flow sensor was going bad but he cleaned it and it seemed to correct the problem of idling very rough. I always thought to myself that the tornado worked well and gave me a noticeable boost in power and I have documented literally close to 20+ thousand miles in fuel receipts that show I got about three more miles to the gallon using it. The horse power is the kicker. I took a 250 mile trip with my son to see my parents. On the interstate on ramp my kid looked at me and said what?s wrong with your car? It?s seems really slow today. It literally blew me away that he noticed it too. I stopped and put the tornado back in where it remains to this day.

SO?I looked over the e3 plugs. Maybe they work, maybe they don?t. I?ll try a set in my 95 beamer. I find that many people who ?think? they are mechanically inclined are really not as mechanically inclined as they think they are. I drive enough that it won?t take me long to figure out whether they work or not. The miles don?t lie when it comes to fuel economy. Even small amounts of improvement show up in a few thousand miles.

I managed to squeeze close to a 30% increase in fuel economy out of my old car by using a variety of items including a ground effects kit (6-7mpg) better exhaust (2mpg) tornado fuel saver (3mpg and noticeably quicker after punching it and giving it time for the passing gear to kick in) K&N air filter (-2mpg but noticeably quicker and smoother immediately from punching it). Overall I got 10mpg at 70mph on a car that got routinely 22mpg at 70mph I now get 30-32 depending on stopping and starting at lights. Steady cruising on the interstate is about 32 most days. Even wind can be a factor as well as tire wear etc.

I don?t call anything snake oil until I know first hand. The improvement to a cars efficiency is not going to be dramatic without either losing a lot of mpg or a lot better engineering to improve the efficiency. I always attempt the latter since it?s easier on my wallet in the long run. I drive nearly 200 miles per day.

Update: My official opinion is that they are no improvement to my BMW. In fact I lost about 2-3 mpg and the horsepower seems about the same or worse. I would guess slightly worse since the mpg is definitely worse.

Now here is the really bad part. My NGK plugs were shot. I mean they were REALLY shot. They were showing a lot of wear and were overdue to be replaced. So if I’m getting worse mileage with the e3’s than those plugs, they must be terrible. I give every legit manufacturer the benefit of the doubt but sorry e3. No winner for me.

For those wondering yes I unhooked the battery for at least 15 minutes.