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E20 for 2008 Chrysler Sebring?

Can I use E20 fuel in my 2008 Flexfuel Sebring sating E85?


Are you under the impression that you have to use E85 ? Flex fuel means you can use E85 to E10 . I guess you just acquired this vehicle and myself I would use E10 because the more actual gas just seems better to me.

Yes you can. Note, the higher the percentage of Ethanol you use, the lower your actual gas mileage will be

Yes, if your car can take E85, you can use regular (E10) all the way up to E85. Your gas mileage will be lower the more ethanol the fuel has… Read your owners manual, it will give you guide lines on using the various blends of ethanol. If you have a yellow gas cap you are definitely ok.