Flex fuel cars

I own a 2005 Tausus that uses E85. I have been given conflicting advice on what kind of gas to use. Can I use E85 all the time? Should I alternate between E85 and Reg. Or should I use only Reg. because E85 will damage the engine? Right now I’m using mostly E85. Thanks

Check the owner’s manual, but you should be able to run E85 all the time.

You can use E85 full time although you will probably notice reduced mileage which may eat up any savings from using the cheaper fuel.

I would agree with Greasy-Jack but go one step further and get your MPG with E-85, E-10, and gasoline if you can find it (getting harder every month).
With every mile per gallon you should be saving about 15 cents a gallon.
So do the math and run the numbers and find out what fuel is best for your car and pocket book.
I suspect that the mpg with E85 is worse than the E-10. This would be a
good way of letting everyone know the difference between the different kinds of fuel.

If it’s a flex fuel vehicle, you can use anything from regualar gasoline to E85, and you can run E85 all the time if you choose. It won’t damage the engine.

Check the maintenance schedule, however. You may have to change oil more often if you use E85 constantly, and your fuel mileage will probably be lower than with E10 or regular gas. Whether or not E85 is worth using is up to you to decide. You’ll have to do the math.

Whoever gave you that conflicting advice is wrong. Use any fuel your owner’s manual says is save.