“Do we all agree that the price of gas is dropping and will never go up again.”

Naw. It’ll be going up again so enjoy while you can. When it does go up again I think there will be a heavy backlash though after folks got used to the idea of lower costs.

@dagosa What makes you think gas prices will never go up again?? Most experts, not necessarily associated with the oil industry, forecast a low trough for a few years. By then high cost producers will have dropped out and demand will again be in line with supply. This will set in motion another increase, but much slower this time. As long as world demand keeps increasing, the overall price levels will slowly increase since the amount of cheap to produce oil keeps decreasing. Fracking oil, which costs about $40 to produce, would have seemed outrageously expensive in the early 70s.

In other words, those who are banking on cheap gas forever will again buy big gas guzzlers and cry foul in 4 years or so when their vehicles bring little resale value.

OPEC producers like $100 oil because it does not dampen economic growth and still provides them with the income they need to run their very inefficient economies. They don’t like $40 oil but are putting up with it to drive the high cost producers out of the market. The best fix for low oil prices is… Low oil prices!!!

Not that I know anything about it, but I just kinda wonder if this would have happened if Russia had not invaded the Ukraine? Then I wonder how long they can hold it together at these prices without a further invasion somewhere?

If they go west, they would invade a NATO country, and that would cost them dearly. I hope they aren’t that stupid.

I doubt that it would have had any effect on gas prices.
However, Russia’s growing alliance with China just might!

Ah come on. When it gets to that .35, I’m going to buy an old power wagon. For my city car, I will look for the latest and biggest gas engine Excursion. @Bing. Just like some guys who summer in Florida then return to NE a little too soon, the shock when the price goes up again will send goose bumps through your patooty.

@dagosa, 35 cent gas was a joke. The phrase “that’s the ticket” was the tag line for the SNL pathological liar character. Any time I use it, I am not serious.

And likewise, so was mine. I am seldom if ever seriou about this stuff. It’s too volitile ! Power wagon ? That was my, “me too kidding” line
Even @Docnick‌ doesn’t realize I was kidding about prices not going up. Babes in the woods .

since your car is flex fuel, and you have the coupons…you are going to get a great deal during the promotion. please do report your findings as this is a layup.

I got my e15 vouchers in the mail this past weekend. Car seems to run the same as e10. E10 was 1.91 and e15 is 1.81. So my actual cost is .905/gal.

But what’s the long term effects with E-15?

There is an orgy of laws and regulations ultimately requiring a minimum amount of ethanol to be produced as a part of the petroleum refinery output of motor fuels.
Trouble is, nobody wants the stuff. So now they’re trying to promote it with coupons.

Probably the same as e10 on my e85 capable car.

Seems to me the vouchers would be aimed non-flex fuel vehicles.

I would not run a non-flex vehicle on E15. Numerous organizations including the AAA and the auto manufacturers have issued warnings against the use of E15 in non-flex vehicles. A Google is educational.

However, I have to admit that if I were a farmer farming corn for ethanol production I’d want everyone ELSE to run THEIR non-flex vehicles on E15.