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E vap canaster

Where is the e vap canaster located on a 2007 pontiac vibe shop states it must be replaced to fix engine check light on problem states it is leaking part cost 485.00 can it be pressure tested and repaired

No, it cannot be repaired.

These carbon canisters are expensive, which is why you should never force more gas into the tank after the gas pump clicks off for the first time. Forcing extra gas into the tank is the prime reason why these $400 Toyota carbon canisters go bad.

If the carbon canister is definitely bad (gasoline soaked), you really have no option except to have it replaced. IIRC, this part is located under the hood, on or near the firewall.

There is no canaster located on the firewall just lines and the brake master cyl

Well, apparently I was wrong about the location of the carbon canister.
Is anyone else familiar with this Toyota/Pontiac design in order to help the OP?

The EVAP system is mounted next to the gas tank. Most vehicle manufacturers are now locating this system at that location.


I suggest a second opinion about this since evap codes can come up for a variety of reasons many of which are not the canister. Plenty of people have these replaced only to find out that the problem was elsewhere.

Do you know what the exact code was? If not, ask the shop and post it. Also ask what has been done to determine that it is - in fact - the canister that is the problem.

It used to be that these canisters were located under the hood near the engine. Now, most are located near the gas tank and mounted below the tank, making it easier to contaminate with raw gas.

I also agree with cigroller, and suggest getting a second opinion. These things are fairly robust, and a leak in the system is more likely a bad hose or connection. What was the exact code? There are a few different ones that describe evap leaks, and knowing the exact code can help us narrow it down.