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E-15 year-round!

Liddle Donnie called for E-15 year-round as a sop to corn farmers. I bet that makes motorheads happy. Why was it restricted?

We already have it year round here is the DC metro area.

Bet that doesn’t make motorheads happy!

Modern motorheads that design for E85 won’t care. Old school motorheads don’t like ANY ethanol in the fuel.

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I do live in DC metro area, it is E10 around, you have to search for E15 if you want that trouble on your head

I posted this link before on why it does not make me happy: E15 Fuel vs E10 Fuel

Pure vote buying, nothing more.

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Just like E85.

E85 is a lousy fuel but a fine solvent when you are cleaning out gas tanks full of rotten gas.

story said e85 contributes to bad air during hot summer months.
so, that s not an issue in MN.

We have hot summer months here in MN, and good air quality.

Since when is 90 with high humidity not hot? :wink:

Of the 6 cars we own, 2 are new enough that they might be able to take e15 without damage. Might. They aren’t flex-fuel so the jury’s out.

Ethanol is a bi-partisan scam foisted on the public.


Just curious, what is it about e-15 that makes it an air pollution problem during the summer, but not in the winter? I’ve have guessed the oxygen atoms in the alcohol would combine w/any unburned gasoline & help limit HC emissions in any season. Iso-octane, the molecule scientists often use as a model for gasoline, it doesn’t have oxygen atoms in it.

It’s because ethanol has a very high vapor pressure. So the more ethanol in the mix, the more it evaporates, especially when the temps are high.

I see. I guess the modern evap systems are pretty good but aren’t entirely fool proof (or fuel proof … lol )

You are right E10 here not E15.

Hasn’t ethanol an octane number > 100? Don’t some race cars burn it? Aren’t those guys motorheads?

Ethanol has no impact on the octane of the pump gas, it’s the same either way. Other components are changed to end up with the specified octane. So E15 gas will have the same octane as E10 or E0 for a given grade.

Plus, race care engines are designed specifically for whatever fuel they’re going to use. Road car engines are designed for gasoline, not gasoline mixed with un-aged whiskey.

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To take advantage of the high ethanol content, the compression ratio would have to be a lot higher. That isn’t practical in the USA where gasoline/ethanol fuels are mostly gasoline.

E15 has the same octane ratings as gasoline so no benefit there. Indycars burn 100% ethanol, some race cars burn race E85 that is exactly 85% ethanol. Racers don’t use pump E85 because it can be 51% to 85% ethanol but modern motorheads will us it but not E15.

So, as I said, E15 doesn’t make ANY motorhead happy.

Only because the other 85% lowers it.

Aren’t those guys motorheads?

Isn’t the 104 octane at the Imperial on the corner of Indian School & Juan Tabo ethanol?