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Dying car 2

Ok, so after my last post I changed the fuel filter and I’m still having the same problem. I also replaced the EGR valve. I took my car to a mechanic and he told me that there must be a blockage in the EGR line some place creating my problem. Is this correct? If it is where should I start loooking?

try replacing converter?

  1. You should have continued on the same thread for the sake of those who aren’t familiar with your problem.

  2. You need to find someone who can actually diagnose the problem and not just randomly change parts.

Did the check engine light come on?

Link to the first post

The drivability problem would come from too much EGR gas, not a blockage.

Based on that thread [thanks americar!] I think it could be a solenoid/valve that controls the EGR valve,
keeping the EGR valve more open than it should be at times.