Dye in motor oil?

Strange one here folks . . . last November we found a salvage engine for our 1995 Civic with about half the mileage on it . . . the car has about 180k, the motor came out of an identical 1995, with just under 95k on the motor. The original engine was exhibiting a mid-motor tick/clak . . . which my friend and I determined to be wrist pin starting to go. Anyway, I waited until we had the time and we found a decent used motor. The change went without issue, and I changed the motor oil upon installation, then at 1000 miles, again after another 2000, and Saturday again after another 2000, and will go to normal 3000 mile changes from this point. The changes always included a new oil filter. What was strange . . . after the oil was changed, at 1000, 3000 and 5000 miles . . . the waste oil was “normal” a little brown, but that part that got on my hands looked like I was painted with that iodine stuff the nurses paint on you just before you give blood. An orange-yellow tint, which washed off with hand cleaner. I thought at first, some type of dye by a former owner to find a leak, but no leaks on this motor, almost drip free. I also thought maybe rust on the internals from sitting for (the salvage yard claimed) less than a year in the yard. But that rust or dye would be gone by now, wouldn’t it. The dipstick is clear. Maybe the color will go away with the next change. No problems with the motor, just strange. Comments? Rocketman

I’m sure that some motor oils do have a coloring agent.
If you recall Royal Triton Motor Oil (the one that Marilyn Monroe did commercials for), the oil was purple, and I seriously doubt that The Union Oil Company pumped purple crude oil out of the ground.

For those who are interested, here is a link to that commercial: