Durango shakes like crazy when stopped or idling during heavy rain

I have a 2004 Dodge Durango with about 120,000 miles. When I drive in the heavy rain, the vehicle shakes violently when I am stopped or idling. The shaking stops when I start moving again. It doesn’t shake at all unless it is raining. Any thoughts?

How old are your spark plug wires? Probably original. If you get a chance while it’s acting this way (and dark), open the hood and see if you see arcing from your spark plug wires to ground.

Does it misfire at all when you accelerate hard?

The spark plugs are original. No, it doesn’t misfire when I accelerate. Unfortunately, I only think about it when it happens… Thanks for your comment.

The spark plugs are original.

That sure sounds like it is the problem. New plugs AND wires should take care of you for at least the next 50,000 miles. You might even gain some pickup and mileage.

I agree. It’s time to get new plugs and wires.

Thank you both for your thoughts! I will double check with the mechanic.

What About The “Check Engine Soon” Light ? Has That Illuminated During And / Or After The Shaking ? Which Engine Do You Have ? When Talking Engine Problems, That Information Is Helpful.

For 2004 and 2005 Durangos with 3.7L and 4.7L engines built before 12/06/04:

A Chrysler TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) discusses misfire / ignition coil malfunction caused by water intrusion.

If you’ve got any of the 25 different DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) present following the “Check Engine Soon” Light, they suggest inspecting the coils for any signs that water has been present on the coils below the o-ring and looking for rust stains on the tips of the coils and checking for water in the spark plug wells.

New coils are to be installed whenever a coil shows evidence that water has been present. Also, if no seals are installed above the o-ring flange, then “new” seals are to be installed (kit # 05174214AA).


No to the “check engine soon” light during the shaking, or at all. I have the 5.7 litre engine (yeah, it’s a hemi…). I am new to the boards, please forgive…

I also have a 2004 Durango (5.7L Hemi) with 117k miles and have the exact same problem. I’ve lived with this since the truck was new and it’s been to the dealship at least 10 times. Every time it rains, the engine misfires. It barely runs in a downpour and the engine dies at idle. New plug wires helped and now the problem only occurs in the hardest rainfall. The dealer also replaced the plastic cowl under the wipers thinking maybe that water was getting into the engine compartment. This did not help.

It is clear that the rain is causing an electrical short and plug wires are definitely part, but not all, of the problem. My guess is that Dodge knows more than they’re saying.

My 04 Durango had to be towed to the dealership 2 years ago as it wouldn’t turn over. The dealer found ice in the #5 and #7 cylinders; damaged the spark plug in #5. Ever since then, whenever it rains, it shakes and misfires, even shuts off if I don’t keep the RPM’s at 1000. Sometimes turning on the tow/haul helps get her home.

Seems the wiring clips were damaged when snapped back into place which may be why it runs so bad in the rain. It’s been an ongoing battle to figure out ~ wish Dodge would explain the defect and maybe even correct the problem.

BTW, we have a second Hemi (03 Ram 2500) ~ never a problem come rain/snow ~ just filling it up is painful.

“The spark plugs are original”… That could be the issue.

Also as some others have said, replace the wires. They are cheap, and easy to replace…it literally requires no tools…just make sure to write down the firing order of your cylinders. Or you could be an idiot like me when I did my wires…and not write it down and then have the car go “POP” and have pedestrians ducking for cover because the car backfire sounded like a gun. That was awesome too :wink:

My 1992 Tempo didnt run in the rain for a while…and it was the wires.