Duramax diesels

has three been any changes to the duramax diesel engines over the years that reduce the fuel economy, like adding a after burner or any thing like that and what year did it take place.

Todays duramax lists a 16.8 to 1 compression ratio. Earlier engines listed the compression as being 17.5 to 1…

“Real Diesels” usually use 20-22 to 1 compression…

I hear you…but for good reason. Most don’t want the Cummins like rattle and want the feel and sound of gas v8 performance. The ones we use here, perform great for plowing and towing, are reliable and QUIET. Given that the Cummins may have equal performance and better economy with less displacement, Americans still love their v8s. Still a good engine IMO. But you’re right, not in the same class as heavy equipment diesels we use. One of the better efforts to civilize the diesel.

Personally, I would stay away from Cummins diesel engines. When I drove a truck, it was a Volvo with a Cummins diesel engine. Whenever something broke, Cummins would say it was a Volvo problem, and Volvo would say it was a Cummins problem, making it take three or four times as long to get it fixed.

You should consider that when one company makes the engine, and another company makes everything else, a lot can go wrong between the two. I would rather have a vehicle that is built and assembled from top to bottom all by one company.

There is no such vehicle…Few heavy truck makers make their own engines…The Cummins engine is the BEST part of a Dodge P/U…

The Cummins engine is the BEST part of a Dodge P/U…

It looks to me like you are polishing a turd…or putting lipstick on a pig.

…by the way, who makes GM’s Duramax diesel engines?

Isuzu, the world’s biggest producer of light-to-medium duty diesel trucks.

There are many such vehicles. I can’t remember exactly how all the mergers worked, but I believe the Volvo-branded cab forward tractors sold here are the decedents of the old White Motor Co. semis and come with a variety of engines.

I’m not sure that I’d translate any experience with a commercial Cummins to the engine that comes in Dodge pickups-- the general consensus is that these engines are excellent.

There is no such vehicle…Paccar, maker of Petes & KW’S make their own engine. Detroit Diesel is now owned by Daimler as well as Freightliner.

Tranny’s are a different story.

The Cummins engine used by Dodge began life as a powerplant for medium sized construction equipment. Their main weakness are the people who own them. They push them along at 75-80 MPH, right at the top limit of their RPM range then complain when they toss a rod at 150K miles…

This is more of a question then reply(of course the Feds medddling is gonna make things a little different) anyway do these power controllers hurt the engines?
Some of these guys around here make some fantastic claims about the"Bully Dogs" and such.-Kevin