Dual use sun visors?



Yeah it almost seems as if they design those drive up ATM’s for pedestrians and not automobiles. I’ve gotten pretty good at getting close enough without scratching the car or mirror on anything but even then sometimes it’s not close enough. We often need to pick up RX refills and I find it’s quicker and easier to just use the driver through. Otherwise if I make the time I’d rather do face to face as well.


Hi Folks! Just joined here from Northern Ontario, Canada after researching the topic of “DOUBLE Sun Visors for drivers”.

We all seem to share the problem with driving twisty roads facing the rising or setting sun and it’s sometimes a dangerous situation constantly flipping the sun-visor back and forth.

I got to thinking that surely some OEM must be aware of this and provide a solution. It’s a real safety concern.

I found a picture of just such an original set-up - must be from the UK since it’s a right-hand drive. Can’t figure the make but it looks a bit like one of those fancy Land Rovers. I’ll attach a pic if I can, but otherwise I’ll have to wait for some help as to how to attach pics to posts.


My 17 year old SAAB has dual flap sun visors. Just depends on the car and the vintage. I’ve never seen any aftermarket units but I haven’t looked at a JC Whitney catalog in decades.


I have same issue, and don’t want to spend $100 … anyone have any simple creative ideas to solve this?


Until this topic came up, I didn’t realize that our 2003 Toyota 4Runner has these dual sun visors and we have owned the 4Runner for almost 15 years. This is the vehicle my wife drives most of the time is my excuse for not noticing it. The real reason is probably because I have Geezerits. It is a good feature. We drive about 2 miles to the gym in the fall and winter to fitness walk and my wife has been driving us in the 4Runner. At this time of the year, the sun is just in the right position that I need to block the sun out on the windshield and the passenger side window. Later on as spring comes, the sun will be more overhead and I’ll only need the visor down on the windshield. Also, as the weather warms up, we will walk outdoors.


I’m in Northern Ontario, Canada and share the OP’s problem regarding a need for both front and side sunvisor for the driver. It’s a two hour drive east in the morning on a twisty highway to a hospital in Sudbury and the same glare heading west going home in the afternoon.

There are some vehicles in the UK with both front and side sun-visors as standard equipment for the driver. I actually have a jpeg ready to attach but not sure how to do this here.


just drag the graphic file onto the bottom of your answer, when it is open in edit mode.


Thank you!

I can’t seem to get it to work, perhaps because the jpeg I have is actually a screen shot from a promo video. I believe the vehicle was a Land Rover or Jaguar in the UK - but the main thing is, double sun-visors for the driver (at least) do exist as standard equipment in some areas!

I’ll try attaching the jpeg here for you to see.



My 2015 Forester has such visor (but useless due to the EyeSight)

http://www.iwsti.com/forums/2015-sti-discussion/284443-sun-visor-extendable.html has a picture on this thread.


I just did the dual visor conversion on my 2011 Ford Ranger
Ford Rangers came with the usual single visor
95 to 2001 Ford Explorers came with Dual visor, It’s a direct bolt/screw in, uses same mounting screws and screw location

Got the from pick"n"pull for $30
Had to run a power wire for the lighted mirrors.