AWD van?


Is there an all wheel drive van out there? In my research it looks like there is the Dodge Grand Caravan but they stopped producing the AWD feature. Does anyone have any suggestions? I really like the sliding doors and interior setup of the van vs SUV


An excellent one out there IMHO is the Toyota Sienna. Its made currently new and a good one of the bunch.


Ford made an AWD Aerostar and Freestar, GM might make an AWD version of their newer vans (but I’m not sure), Hyundai, I think makes an AWD version, certainly Toyota does, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Honda and Nissan do too.

Also, if you want to look at full-size vans, I’m pretty sure that Ford, Chevy/GMC and Dodge all make full size versions of the Econoline/E-Series, Express/Savanna and Sprinter/Ram vans, respectively.


Toyota Sienna is the sole AWD van currently. Hyundai, Ford Freestar, Nissan and Honda NEVER made an AWD minivan.

Full size vans there are Ford and GM make some. Sprinter has never been AWD.


Ford did make an AWD Freestar, but maybe they limited it to the Canadian market only. I know, I’ve seen a couple.

And are you sure Hyundai doesn’t offer the Entourage with AWD? I seem to remember seeing ads that say AWD is an option. Again, could be a Canadian-market only thing.


There never was a Ford Freestar AWD in the us market. Just the freestyle which is a SUV/wagon vehicle.

Hyundai has not made an AWD Minivan.

I know as I researched for used minivan with AWD for our growing family. Toyota Sienna AWD is the only decent option.


The Ford must have AWD as a Canada only option, and/or maybe it was only offered for a couple of years.

But you’re right about the Toyota being the only decent option.


The Chrysler Pacifica is one option. It does not have the sliding doors, but is otherwise very similar to a minivan.