Upgrading the single exhaust to dual for my MGM LS

I am thinking to replace the stock single exhaust system on my 2010 MGM LS to a dual by using a take off dual exhaust from a CV P71 which is quite abundant on the salvage market. Can anyone comment on the model years that will fit since I am looking for a few years back - 2000 to 2005? Thanks.

Don’t do it. Dual exhaust run cooler that a single exhaust so they don’t always vaporize moisture and acids from the engine. That results in a shorter life for the exhaust system.

Thanks for the information. If this is the case, how should I go about increase the performance of the car? swapping out the muffler witha Flowmaster or Magnaflow? My objective is to make the car run a bit livlier. Thanks.

This theoretical shortening of exhaust system life would not factor in to my decision to add duals or not. Materials and fabrication quality along with cost would be way ahead on my list. Are you stuck on using salvage parts?

A few bolt-on bits and pieces will not substantially increase the performance of most 2010 cars.
You really need to upgrade ALL the links in the chain.
Intake, throttle body, cam, heads, bottom end, exhaust header, muffler, piping…
And if you manage to strengthen the engine can the transmission take it?
Can the brakes handle it?

It’s not 1965 anymore. Yes, the dual exhausts add about 25 hp to the 4.6 V8…For years, it was called the HPP package. High performance package…It included suspension upgrades as well. Your car has two oxygen sensors sending information to the ECM. The dual set-up has four. The exhaust is stainless steel from end to end, corrosion is not a problem…Getting your CEL to stay off might be. Modifying today’s computerized, emissions certified cars is an exercise in futility…But that doesn’t stop people from doing it…You might try the crownvicnet where Panther platform enthusiasts meet and have fun…You want performance? They will show you how to get it…All it takes is money…