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Tail Light Problem 85 (?) GMC Sierra 2500

I hit a tree plowing recently and smashed my right tail lights. I replaced the tail light myself - the whole unit - but still don’t have brake lights or rear lights. PLowing at night with one of the license lights is challenging to say the least. The other one is not working. I checked the fuses that I could and also the bulbs in the left tail light but could not find a problem there. I also reconnected a green wire that comes out of little cyclindrical can in the place where is looks like it goes. There is a dangling black wire but I can’t figure out where is should go, if anywhere. I did try touching to ground and jiggling wires but did not see the rear lights come on. Any suggestions? Here a photo (not great of the wires.) I am also wondering if I can whack the bumper back somewhat with a sledge hammer.


I should have said that the blinkers work but not the rear lights or brake lights.